Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures Yoda Group Framed Art Print


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Yoda has friends – lots of friends. And we wager you are one of them. So, give a good look at this inspiring Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures Yoda Group Framed Art Print. It features the incomparable Jedi Master along with the Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures logo and a few of his acquaintances from the Disney+ series. It’s colorful, impressive, and downright intriguing, so don’t miss this opportunity to bring it into your home! Otherwise, sorry, you will be. The print measures about 17-inches tall x 11-inches wide in its 18-inch-tall x 12-inch-wide black MDF frame. There’s no glass or plexiglass, because the print has a transparent gel textured coating that protects it and gives it a stunning movie-screen-type finish. There are two sawtooth hangers on the back for easy installation.

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