Guesstures High-Speed Family Charades Game


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Get ready for hilarious, high-speed family charades when you play the Guesstures game! Place 4 cards into the Action Timer, set it, and then act out the word on each card at lighting speed. But tick tock, don’t let the card pop! When a player guesses a word, quickly grab and remove the card before the Action Timer pops it out. This party game for small or large groups includes 4 levels of cards: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Custom. With the Custom cards, players create their own silly challenges. Personalize the clapper, too, with the included wet-erase marker. When the game’s over, which team will have enough points to win? For 4 or more players, this Guesstures board game is a great game for game nights and a fun game for adults, teens, and kids ages 8 and up.


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