Cookie Run Kingdom Collection Cake Hound Plush


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A cookie’s best sidekick!

Sitting at 12-inches, the cake hounds have infiltrated Youtooz! They come in all shapes and sizes in the Cookie world, but today we bring you the strawberry frosted cake hound. With two sliced strawberry pieces on the top of the head, this little guy wears a cute smile on his face with his tongue sticking out on the right side. He has the cutest little feet that help him get around and the frosting on top of his head and a tail made out of frosting as well! This plush is made out of 100% soft PP cotton and is generously filled with stuffing.

Cookie Run Kingdom is the 8th game developed by Devsisters in the Cookie Run series. The game features both real-time battle strategy and city-building gameplay with a cast of unique cookies for the players to pull for and collect as well as a customizable kingdom. The games story takes place with a group of cookies creating their own kingdom, going on adventures to explore other kingdoms, and unraveling the mysteries of the Ancient Heroes who disappeared from the world. for ages 15 and up

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